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Receive Audio Announcements as Text

Deaf, hard of hearing, in a noisy environment or simply distracted?

Download the Spoke app and never miss an audio announcement. 

Spoke sends you any audio announcement as text in your own language.

Find or Help find Lost Items

Lost your dog or other valuables? use Spoke to spread the word and ask for help.  Annoucement you make with Spoke are sent to other dog lovers and other Spoke users in your area

For Individuals

More on the Spoke App

Why Should I Use Spoke?

On a bus or a train, at a busy airport, store, venue or in an emergency situation? The deaf and hard of hearing community experiences high level of stress and frustration when unable to view, hear or have missed a recent audio announcement.

Spoke is a mobile app that enables deaf and hard of hearing users to receive any audio announcement as text, from announcers such as airports, airlines, trains, stores, etc. in their own language.


Our solutions allow deaf and hard of hearing persons to...
- Read text of audio announcements on their smartphone

- Translate text announcement to their own language (100+ languages supported)  

How Does it Work?

We work with announcers such as transportation organizations, venues, school, stores and hospitals to facilitate and support communication such as audio announcements with the deaf and hard of hearing community.


Our service easily integrates with existing PA systems. Our Spoke app allows users to read the text of audio announcements.  


Our system uses speech-to-text recognition to convert audio announcements to text in real time, mobile and cloud technologies to push the text of announcements to the smartphones of deaf and hard of hearing users.

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Be a part of the change!

How Can You Help Make This App Grow?

We ask you to simply engage with the app.

You can:


  1. Download the app 

  2. Review the app

  3. Click the Like button


Your engagement will allow us to gather your feedback, improve the service and to make as strong a case as possible for the needs of better accessibility.


YOUR feedback matters. Make a difference today!

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